Garranah have been operating in the hospitality business in Egypt since 1979, Garranah are currently branching out with a new venture in hotel management. The company’s main business activities will be to manage Resorts and city hotels within, Egypt, Mena, And GCC.

Our vision is to become the hotel of choice for leisure travellers by offering the highest international standards with a local touch and standing out among our competitors.

The name “Garnet” was chosen to express heritage, ancient & timeless value.
It is a precious stone that honored the Egyptian Goddess Sekhmet herself, marking it as a stone that held every single note of hope. It was also
the guardian talisman for warriors in different cultures in ancient history. A priceless stone that balances,
strengthens & protects.
A stone that brings love, success & serenity.
A powerful generator and source of energy. A booster of self-confidence & courage…
This is why we are Garnet. We aspire to give a new definition hospitality, building on our core value of
offering the experience of the “perfect balance” to our residents.
The approach is to offer serenity and peacefulness through pampering & world-class luxurious treatment
vs. the exotic activities that unleashes the positive energy and boosts your confidence.
We aspire to give it all.
Serenity & Excitement. Relaxation & Nightlife.

Project done in collaboration with Marina William, under ownership of The Hub Advertsing

  • Date November, 2020
  • Type Branding