Open Air Mall

The Madinaty Open Air Mall, is a new shopping center soon to be open in medianly stretching over 40 feddans, is one of the largest open-air shopping centers in Egypt and MENA. It features shopping and entertainment anchors, dining, and a huge cinema complex.

My aim was to showcase Open Air Mall as a space to pause habitual repetition, planting seeds of dreams for the future, a space to revisit either in your mind or in presence to remind yourself to nurture your dreams and not hold yourself back. While encompassing the excitement of the mall and appealing to the emotions and imaginations of customers; highlighting the shopping and dining experiences at Open Air Mall as being unparalleled in Egypt and an embodiment of a fine level of exclusivity.

Project done in collaboration with Marina William, under ownership of The Hub Advertsing

  • For Madinaty
  • Type Art Direction, Graphic Design