CRM is an interactive mobile application to be used as a virtual companion and personal tutor that could enhance the Cairo Railway Museum experience and entice visitors into engaging more widely across different museum exhibitions.

  • Type UI/UX Design


The application allows you to choose to view the museum collections while visiting and from the comfort of your home, the museum collections can be viewed randomly or in the for of a detailed guided tour.


In the free Tours section is the indoor automatic way nding feature. Using an interactive map with route directions, the app guides you to the starting point of any chosen area or tour.


The user profile section enables you to bookmark your favorite artefacts and collection and save them to your customized gallery to get instant accessibilty to the artefacts information.

The museum collection has an augmented reality feature where you can view artefacts in wider dimensions, explore trains’ interiors and watch artefacts move in their real life context.


The museum gallery section breaks down the museum artefacts into organized collections arranged according to type, date and manufacture. You can scroll and swipe through the artworks, zoom in on the smallest details and easily save the images in your own pro le gallery.

Pages from the Cairo Railway Museum Brand Manual showcasing the CRM application screens and descriptions.